Having your car serviced or repaired by Mechanics At Your Place will save you money in more ways than one;

  1. Getting yourself and your car to and from the mechanics or dealership can be costly. Not only is there the price of the fuel to consider but your time can be even more costly. Having your car serviced at your home or workplace is the most cost efficient and convenient way.
  2. Mechanics At Your Place doesn’t have “Service Specials”. Every service or repair we undertake is done so with the greatest of care and by fully qualified staff. Don’t be fooled by workshops offering so called “Servicing” at extraordinarily low prices. The truth is, if the price seems low, your car is most likely going to receive poor quality parts or oil and will NOT be inspected properly. A Mechanics At Your Place service is a major car service involving around ninety minutes (sometimes more) comprehensively inspecting your vehicle for any safety concerns or defects that could potentially cause further damage or cause a breakdown if left unattended – potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands. The parts fitted to your car will equal or exceed genuine for quality and warranty.
  3. LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE – If you ever have a problem that is deemed to be our fault EVER, we will fix it absolutely FREE!
  4. REFER A FRIEND or family member to Mechanics At Your Place and YOU AND YOUR FRIEND will receive a $25 Coles / Myer Gift Card to spend at any one of the Coles / Myer group of stores.
  5. To maximize your vehicles resale value and ensure your vehicles warranty is not jeapordised it is imperative that regular servicing is maintained in line with the manufacturers specifications. Mechanics At Your Place will service or repair your vehicle to manufacturers standards or above using quality parts and lubricants.
  6. Free EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE AND TOWING – Have your car serviced at 6 month intervals by Mechanics At Your Place and receive FREE emergency roadside assistance and towing.
  7. SERVICE TWO OR MORE CARS TOGETHER AND SAVE – Most households and workplaces have two or more cars in the driveway or car park. If you can coordinate the servicing of two or more cars at the one location, Mechanics At Your Place will;
    • Take $50 off the invoice for each additional car or,
    • Average out the total of the $50 discounts applied and apply a discount to all invoices or,
    • Combine the total of the $50 discounts applied and give one big discount to the person that coordinated the services.

    Example: Have Mechanics At Your Place service your car and your partners car at the same location and receive a $50 discount or, organise for Mechanics At Your Place to service your car and three of your work colleagues cars at the one location and receive $150 total discount off 1, 2, 3 or 4 invoices.