• We will NOT rip you off! Mechanics At Your Place will service or repair your car with integrity, honesty and complete openness.
  • Mechanics At Your Place are committed to delivering our promise to be number one in customer service. In fact WE GUARANTEE that our service will be the best you have ever received from any mobile mechanic or car dealership.
  • Every Mechanics At Your Place service or repair undertaken is done so with the greatest of care and by fully qualified staff. Mechanics At Your Place doesn’t have “Service Specials” and you shouldn’t be fooled by workshops offering so called “Servicing” at extraordinarily low prices. The truth is, if the price seems low, your car is most likely going to receive poor quality parts or oil and will NOT be inspected properly. A Mechanics At Your Place service is a major car service involving around ninety minutes (sometimes more) comprehensively inspecting your vehicle for any safety concerns or defects that could potentially cause further damage or cause a breakdown if left unattended – potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands.
  • A Mechanics At Your Place car service will not affect your new car warranty. The parts fitted to your car will equal or exceed genuine for quality and warranty terms, ensuring that your cars log book servicing requirements are met.
  • LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE – If you ever have a problem that is deemed to be our fault EVER, we will fix it absolutely FREE!
  • We WILL turn up on time.

So switch to Mechanics At Your Place when your next service is due and we GUARANTEE you wont regret it!