Now there’s an easier way to have your car serviced or repaired, INCLUDING NEW CAR WARRANTY LOG BOOK SERVICING! You no longer have to go to extremes to service your car. Simply have it serviced or repaired by MECHANICS AT YOUR PLACE while you go about your usual business at home or at work. Unlike other mechanics and car dealerships, Mechanics at your place comes to you. We are a workshop on wheels. To organise a mechanic at your place, all you need to do is book online or call 04222 19992. Remember, having your car serviced doesn’t have to be an inconvenience or take up your valuable time. Mechanics at your place will service or repair your car at your home or workplace with integrity, honesty and complete openness.

Mechanics At Your Place has a number of fully equipped workshops for occasions where your car might need a major mechanical repair that cannot be conducted at your home, office or by the roadside. Mechanics At Your Place service and repair centres are approved by the RACV and the VACC which means our workshops meets a very high requirement for tools and equipment, customer service and general operating procedures to help keep your car safe, reliable and in top mechanical condition. Mechanics At your Place can also arrange for towing of your vehicle to one of our workshops if it is not in a running condition.